Outdoor Electronic Music Event 
360 Main Stage & 2 Side Elements  
Role:               Design, Execution, & 3D Mapping  
Dimensions:  Main Stage: 800*400 cm
                            Side Elements: 800*600 cm
Timescale:     7 days
6 Artist's
4 Projectors 
Organizer:  Maillon the Club
Beirut, Lebanon 2015
Praia beach resort, Zouk Mosbeh.

With more than 8000 attendees, this was one of the biggest events I worked on.

The main stage was elevated from the venue, and the VIP  section was behind it, what made me propose a 360 stage with 2 projectors mapping it.

On the two sides of the venue there was a full moon shaped elements, that were elevated by a huge scaffoldings.

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