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Khaled Alwarea is a Syrian architect and multidisciplinary artist whose work spans across the realms of art, architecture, urban art, filmmaking, performance, and installation.

Khaled's work is driven by two primary directions. As the co-founder of UV LAB and the creative responsible, he explores the intersections of art, architecture, and urban art to transform inhabited spaces and redefine our experiences of them. As KhAl, his work often delves into themes of existentialism, sexuality, individuality, and freedom of expression, infused with the perspective of a pessimist queer exiled artist.

At the core of Khaled's creative process lies self-reflection, experimentation, and a deep connection with nature. He draws upon a wide range of new technologies, including algorithms, artificial intelligence, and computational design, utilizing a variety of software and hardware to create unique and innovative works.

Khaled's work has been exhibited globally, and he has contributed to various productions, including scenography and lighting for several shows. He has created several short films, participated in numerous projects, and continues to push the boundaries of art and architecture, constantly challenging the status quo.

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