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Role:               Design & Assembly Supervision 
Co-Design:     Zena El Abdalla
Dimensions: Base: 140*140 cm, H: 250 cm
Clint:              Garden Tower Bld  
Hamra St. Beirut, Lebanon 2015
Of rusted steel and Arabic pottery, "Arabesque" is a light installation that illuminates a residential building entrance hall in Hamra st.
After cutting the pieces on a Laser-cutter, I left them in the rain for 7 days till I got the rust I wanted.
The selected Arabic pottery verses talks about the neighbours and how they should treat each other.
أكرم الجار وراع حقه          إن عرفان الفتى الحق كرم

فقلت لهم كفوا الملام فإنما          بجيرانها تغلو الديار وترخص 

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