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Ya Youma osloob ft. lynn Adib

Music Video 2021

Video Produced, Directed, & Edited by: KhAl / Khaled alwarea
Dance & Choreography: Nidal Abdo
DOP Paris Unit: Fadi Idirs
DOP Beirut Unit: Lujain Jo
Production Manager: Kinan Al Koudsi
Art Direction: Maryam Samaan
Drone Operator: Mohamed Abakar
Set Design: uvlab & Maryam Samaan
Assistant: Sameh Saad
Makeup Artist: Maهa
Catering: Kinan Al Koudsi
Equipments & Props Provided by: l'atelier des artistes en exil & Mohamed Abakar, With the support of L’Orfèvrerie.

Runtime: 5 min 

Self-funded Project 
Paris, Beirut


Ya Youma is a sensual song about love and loss. Alongside my team, we were able to pull this zero budget project, which has been shot in two cities and different locations. 
From Dawayer (Circles) Album by OSLOOB. 
Music Production: Osloob
Lyrics & Composition: Lynn Adib
Flute: Naissam Jalal
Saxephone: Mehdi Chaib

Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 17.31.20.jpg
Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 17.32.56.jpg
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