Without Interpretation 

Cité internationale des arts 
Site de Montmartre - Paris, France
Festival Vision d'exil

Without Interpretation is an interactive audiovisual installation consisting of 4 video projections and a sound recording station. 

The artist invites the audience to enter the depths of his emotional world without dictating a script, Leaving the freedom to them to make their own interpretations inviting them to record their thoughts and judgments on a special microphone, where the sound is edited and looped directly in the exhibition space, becoming part of the artwork.  


Using Max and Arduino a piece of hardware and software were programmed to allow the audience to participate autonomously. Staking and looping up to 15 voices at the same time.   

The project was possible by the support of L'atelier des artistes en exil and With the support of the endowment fund for contemporary art Marie-Thérèse Allier.

Created By KhAl. © 2020
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