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Panic Attack film
PANIC ATTACK| نوبة هلع

Short Experimental 2016

Runtime: 12 min 

Panic Attack, an urgent short experimental film, documents an element of the filmmaker’s existential crisis created by his incarceration, within one of the infamous Syrian-regime secret service detention centers for practicing basic forms of freedom of expression; denouncing the regime.

Info Misinfo.jpg
Information-MisInformation 040820

Participatory Digital Performance 2020

In this social artistic experiment, the participants explored the confusion of information/misinformation as experienced by the Lebanese people since the explosion that rocked the capital Beirut on the 4th of August 2020, by exploring the most used words on social networks on the night of the catastrophe. And to collectively translate the catastrophic into an artistic intervention.

Screenshot 2.jpg
Without Interpretation:
About Autohomophobia, Exile, and other insecurities.

Experimental/Digital Performance 2020

Through "Without Interpretation," the artist challenges normalized homophobia within the Syrian society and encourages conversation about the challenges faced by queer people in Syria and in exile. The project invites the audience to reflect on their own biases and perceptions while navigating the artist's emotional journey.

Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 17.31.20.jpg
Ya Youma osloob ft. lynn Adib

Music Video 2021

Ya Youma is a sensual song about love and loss. Alongside my team, we were able to pull this zero budget project, which has been shot in two cities and different locations.


Experimental Documentary/Video Art 2018

Esc-963 follows the everyday life of Syrian refugees in multiple camps around Lebanon. The film focuses on the generation of hope, the Syrian children whom many of them don’t know their home country, enduring impossible circumstances in tented settlements for almost 10 years.

Leil - Bu Kolthoum (Director’s cut)

Music Video 2019

Director, DOP, Producer & Editor

Shot in the German capital, this zero-budget project follows 12 characters through the long night of exile. 

Justice For Syria

Media Campaign 2019

Content Creator 

Syrian Women Towards Justice

Media Campaign 2020

Content Creator 

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