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Syrian Women Towards Justice


Media Campaign 2020 

Director, Producer, DOP & Editor



"Syrian Women Towards Justice" campaign aspires to encourage more Syrian Women to join the litigation process for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria, where till 2020 more than 95% of litigants in the violation claims are men.

Produced, Directed, Filmed, Animated and Edited the content.

The campaign had 2 parts, 1st part contained 7 short animations that have been shared separately, then combined together making a full animation that have been shared at the end of the 1st part.  

The 2nd part contained 4 animated videos for 4 different characters, each with a message, then combined together revealing a unified message for the 5th video.


As I worked on posters and leaflets for the campaign.  

Made for:
SCM - Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression
VDC - Violations Documentation Center in Syria



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