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On marche sur des oeufs | walking on eggs

performance-collection d'Ayoub Moumen
Scenography, Visual Elements, and lighting by KhAl
Live Music by Yann Le Frit
Production L'atelier des artistes en exil
Premiered Oct 2020 at Les SUBS, Lyon, France 

On marche sur des oeufs The expression, which refers to the hazardous approach one would adopt if one had to walk on eggshells without breaking them, denotes a risky situation and a feeling of insecurity. By dint of thinking about our societies in the light of the stock markets, the well-being of species and that of the planet have become secondary. The world production of eggs (more than 1,000 billion per year) which involves concentration camp farming reflects the disastrous effects of consumption at all costs. Over-consuming kills.

How to build yourself in a suspended world? On what foot to dance? How to get out of its shell? Can you crack eggs without making an omelet? So many existential questions that artist and fashion designer Ayoub Moumen tackles with passion by literally engaging in the exercise of walking on eggshells. Symbol of the origin of the world, of creation and rebirth, the egg is also in the 21st century an example of the excesses of the industrialization of world food production. 

The performance itself is controversial, it is made to shock, and this is where the scenography steps in.

In order to create the anxious universe of the performance, the scenography relied heavily on lighting and 3d mapping, using three video projectors to create the sophisticated layers of the complex and emotional scenes. Placing the performer in a realm of intimate nightmare, where the fabric and garments -the intimate- are the primary materials of which everything is made of, even the 7 personas that resemble the demons of his past.     

On marche sur des oeufs-18.jpg
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