"Khan Art-Bar"

Role:               Design & Supervision 
Co-Design:    Zena El Abdalla, Rita Adib
Client:            Etta group 
Area:                64 m2
Monot St. Beirut, Lebanon 2014  

Khan aims to amalgamate the concept of Night-life and Art into one. It’s a cross between a gallery and a bar.

Filled with raw materials rather than soft furniture, the design is casual and laid back. it exudes cool and instant comfort; old bath tubs doubled as couches,  weapon crates as tables… the furniture is eclectic yet harmonious. The stark grey concrete walls and floors are splattered with contemporary Art. The long turquoise green wooden is held up by a rusty steel light element perforated with Arabic potery.  Warm recycled lamp shades hover above creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. 

See STRING VAULT for more on KHAN

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