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In Motion

Performance par Nidal Abdo
Scenography by Khaled Alwarea
co Production L'atelier des artistes en exil
Premiered Dec 2020 at Pavillon carré de Baudouin, Paris

“I have such a fear mixed by a mel&ng desire of finding what it is inside of myself.
I am so u<erly lonely, but I also have such a fear that my isola&on will be broken, a fear that I no longer will be the head and ruler of my own universe. Time goes by so quickly even if it feels like an eternity, stuck by my window/screen inhaling the Refined air of my fears.
How can we be so lonely and disconnected while we are so connected?
How can we save us from ourselves ?” 

“In Motion” is an installation/performance that reflects on modern society and present dilemmas.

During the 10 minutes performance, two performers acting as alter egos will face each other, a dancer stuck in his plastic cocoon trying to break free, and a musician playing his sitar while seated on his throne.
After the performance, the scenography turns into an installa6on with a looped recording of the music, and digital images projected on the plastic cocoon.
The project unites the practices of three artists from the MENA region, bridging their skills as their hopes, dreams, and fears. It is an embodiment of their anxieties and inabilities as they lived during the multiple recent lockdowns due to the Covid 19 pandemic. 


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