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Experimental Documentary/Video art 2018

Runtime: 07 min
Lebanon, France 2018

Video Produced, Directed, & Edited by: KhAl 

Self-funded Project 
Lebanon, France
“The war in Syria has left the lives and futures of a generation of children hanging by a thread, UNICEF warned today, as the conflict nears the 10-year mark. The situation for many children and families remains precarious, with nearly 90 percent of children in need of humanitarian assistance”
Esc-963 follows the everyday life of Syrian refugees in multiple camps around Lebanon. The film focuses on the generation of hope, the Syrian children whom many don’t know their home country, enduring impossible circumstances in tented settlements for almost 10 years.
With an air of surrealism, the footage is treated to shock, pressing on the nightmare-like reality those people have to endure, the collective punishment for running away for their lives, Escaping 963. 


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